Hafizah is an associate solicitor in the clinical negligence and personal injury team.

Hafizah deals with a variety clinical negligence cases including failure to consent patients for complications of treatment and surgery; failure to diagnose medical conditions; failure to provide adequate treatment; delays in treatment and diagnoses; inappropriate drug prescriptions and treatment; negligently performed operations; injuries sustained whilst in clinical care including during birth and general dental negligence.

She also deals with personal injury cases including road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, product liability cases and tripping and slipping claims.

Hafizah regularly attends the High Court representing client’s at preliminary and application hearings and assists the partners of the firm with their multi million pound cases.

Hafizah has particular expertise in road traffic accidents; this includes dealing with accidents involving cars, buses, pedal bikes, motorbikes, uninsured drivers, untraced drivers and pedestrians. She is known to take on difficult cases where honest individuals have their integrity questioned, she has successfully won and dealt with allegations of fraud, including allegations of no injuries, staged accidents, phantom passenger allegations and low velocity impact allegations.

Hafizah qualified in 2013 and joined Russell-Cooke in 2015.

  • Road traffic accident - (1) Lucy Pettifer-Weeks (2) Kevin Weeks v Everest Ltd - 12/02/2013 - Hafizah represented two claimants, the driver and passenger of a vehicle against a defendant in a road traffic accident within which no collision occurred between the two vehicles. The case involved an emergency braking situation where the second claimant had to brake suddenly and come to an emergency halt to avoid hitting the defendant who had cut into their lane and they both suffered injuries. It was the defendants assertion that the claimants had entered into a fairly elaborate and fraudulent scheme to recover money to which they were not entitled. Her Honour Judge Hampton within her judgment confirmed that "I entirely absolve the claimants of that slur. I find that the claimants are genuine. I find on the balance of probabilities that the incident occurred as they said it did".
  • A three finger amputation - acting on behalf of an employee against his employer following an attempt to clean the chicken feed machine for which he was given no training
  • Torn tear duct injury - acting on behalf of a lady against a local council as a result of a torn tear duct injury and scarring to the face, following being injured by a sharp protruding metal rod from the wall as a toddler whilst crawling in the garden
  • Sofa dermatitis - a product liability case against a sofa manufacturer following a lady suffering a severe allergic reaction/sofa dermatitis as a result of dimethyl fumarate being used in the product which is prohibited in the EU
  • Pulmonary fibrosis - represented an employee who developed occupational asthma and pulmonary fibrosis following a food waste drying machine being placed and used daily in a factory he was working in with limited ventilation

Hafizah has obtained the following recent settlements for her clients:

  • £125,000 - for a West End actor after part of the set collapsed on him during a  production, hitting him on the head and causing a fracture to two of his ribs and dislocating and fracturing his ankle in two places which necessitated surgery for pins to be inserted. His left ankle was left with permanent residual stiffness, instability and locking which prevented him from participating in high impact performances. He developed depression, particularly as a result of the impact on his long term work. His claim included a claim for reduced earnings, care and assistance and loss of congenial employment.
  • £70,000 - for a cyclist who was knocked off her bicycle by the Defendant in his car, which cut across her path and collided into her right leg. She suffered a double fracture to her right leg which required metal work to be inserted. She was an inpatient for 5 days and her leg was in a brace for 5 days. She had very limited mobility for four months and required care and assistance. She was left with a post-operative scar and developed post traumatic osteoarthritis which resulted in a tender and swollen knee and required a knee replacement in the future. The on-going pain was permanent.
  • £36,500 - for a private dental patient who had advanced periodontal disease which was not diagnosed for almost 20 years. She required restorative treatment including flap surgery, gum treatment, a temporary upper denture and three upper right teeth extractions with the possibility of three further extractions and a requirement of crown replacements every 15 years.
  • £6,628.20 and £5,000 - for a mother and daughter in relation to clinical negligence claims arising from events during the daughter's birth. The umbilical cord was clamped but was cut on the wrong side of the clamp, causing blood to spurt out. The mother was hugely distressed by the events and developed post-traumatic stress disorder. Her claim was as a secondary victim of the negligence, known as a 'nervous shock' claim. It was settled for £5,000.A claim was also pursued on the daughter's behalf for pain, suffering and loss of amenity relating to the bleed, the delayed healing of her umbilicus and for some minor residual scarring. Her claim was settled for £6,628.20.

Member of Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)

  • Read law at the University of Manchester
  • Completed Legal Practice Course at the BPP School of Law obtaining a distinction
  • Prior to joining Russell-Cooke, Hafizah gained over five years’ experience of working in the field of clinical negligence and personal injury for national and regional law firms based in the North West