To our lawyers at Russell-Cooke we offer an unrivalled mix of intellectually stimulating, top-quality work with a genuine commitment to work/life balance. We'll trust and challenge you from day one. That means allowing you an unusual degree of independence and autonomy with strong support at all times from a collegiate team of lawyers and business professionals. Those who are entrepreneurial and who make a business case for developing a new practice will be enabled and encouraged.

You will be expected to provide creative and commercial solutions and will be encouraged to bring in your own clients even at a junior level. There will be opportunities to further develop your skills with our varied career development programme including leadership and practice development. Expectations are high but you are trusted to manage these within reasonable working hours. Your energy and enthusiasm are more important to us than the number of hours you spend here. We have a fantastic gender balance in the partnership and operate a true meritocracy. The right people with the right attitude can and will advance quickly.