As we move into 2021 it is clear that the way people in all organisations are working has changed dramatically. Managing risks has always been crucial for charities but now more than ever with virtual meetings and working from home being a key factor of many employees’ lives, there are new risks that both organisations and individuals need to consider. Our team will explore some of these key issues in a series of webinars and podcasts.

Jane Klauber and Kizzy Augustin consider the health and safety and employment law challenges provided by home working during the pandemic which has accelerated the trend towards agile working.

This is a recording of a live session in which Jane and Kizzy discussed:

  • current guidance
  • remote working - the health and safety obligations and challenges for both employers and employees
  • risk assessments - what should these look like?
  • lone and home working risks and policies
  • stress / mental health / wellbeing issues - 'worker fatigue'
  • adjusting the employment contract
  • information security
  • dealing with applications for flexible working