Increasing environmental obligations and duties mean an increase in potential breaches, often by organisations and individuals who are unaware and unprepared for the consequences. These obligations are often complex and multifaceted.  We advise clients on both sides of the fence: those who owe a duty and those to whom the duty is owed. This requires a breadth of legal expertise: from planning law and governance to criminal, regulation and litigation.  Our environmental law team incorporates a wide range of specialists working together across disciplines to cover all the angles wherever there is an actual or potential environmental issue.

We have worked closely with companies, public interest groups, charities and individuals to provide robust and comprehensive responses to issues linked to climate change, land conservation, the protection of wildlife, health and safety and renewable energy.  

We provide support to a wide range of clients, many of whom must remain confidential but who include large corporates and campaigning organisations. Those we can mention include the World Wildlife Fund UK (WWF), Friends of the Earth and The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). 

Our lawyers bring City law firm experience and expertise alongside the more personal service and strong value proposition we can offer.

We can help you with:

  • public interest judicial reviews against Government action / policy
  • private action against polluters
  • private action against other forms of environmental degradation or habitat destruction
  • advising companies as to their environmental responsibilities in respect of waste, land remediation and compliance with national and international obligations
  • participation in environmental accreditation schemes
  • planning applications, inquiries and appeals
  • environmental impact assessment and other appropriate assessments (Habitat Regulations)
  • charity law and regulation
  • tree preservation orders

At Russell-Cooke solicitors we can also advise on: