Adam Bainbridge describes a typical day as a trainee in the private client department after starting virtually at the beginning of January. 

9:15am: Working from home has had its perks. Today it is that I do not have to spend my commute standing on a rainy Overground platform. I instead switch my laptop on to check my emails. Nothing requires my immediate attention so I can make a brief pit stop at the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

9:30am: My day begins with a virtual meeting over Zoom with a client to take instructions on a new probate matter. The client's brother recently passed away without leaving a Will and he requires our assistance in administering the estate. With virtual meetings becoming the new norm, a seat in private client continues to offer a lot of opportunity for client-contact.

11:00am: I have received an email from a fee-earner concerning an application we have made for the re-sealing of an Australian Grant. The client is requesting a status update. I ring the Probate Registry to ask how our application is progressing. The Registry informs us that they require further information to supplement our application. I collate the requested documents and email them over to the Registry.

12:00pm: Before I started my seat, the team had been working on a complex trust matter. A recent development has meant that one of the trustees needs to be retired. As signing a deed of retirement may be difficult, I spend the next hour researching alternative ways of retiring the trustee.

1:15pm: I touch base with my training supervisor over Teams. It gives me the chance to discuss how my seat is going and what other work in the department I would like to get involved with. 

1:30pm: I take the opportunity to go for a quick run at lunch. It is a good way to break up the day after spending the whole morning at your desk. On my return, my flatmate has made me lunch and we have a quick catch up on each other's day. 

2:30pm: I return to my desk just in time for another Teams call about a Will I have been instructed to draft. The client owns shares in a property investment company and will be eligible for Business Property Relief. The partner explains how this relief operates and points me in the direction of some precedents to review before I begin drafting the Will. 

3:30pm: On another probate matter, I have received an email with updated date of death figures for the assets of the deceased. We required a specialist valuation because the deceased owned a historic collection of WWI memorabilia. We now have all the necessary information to complete the IHT return for the Estate. I am asked to prepare the IHT400 to send over to the client for approval. 

5:30pm: I quickly jot down a to-do list for tomorrow before I wrap up for the day. This gives me enough time to grab a snack before a social this evening with the rest of the private client department. Our virtual socials have varied from the classic quiz to the more adventurous painting classes. Today is a much tamer affair and gives us the chance to have a relaxed catch up with each other following the Christmas break.

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