For two years from March 2020 networking was entirely limited to Zoom. Now that we have come out of lockdown I have noticed my calendar filling up with in-person events – from quizzes to drinks receptions, seminars and coffee mornings - all of which are great opportunities to connect (or re-connect) with other professionals.

These networking events have now become a regular feature in my work week and it seems that I am not the only one. I took a moment to remind myself of some of the more useful pieces of networking advice that I have been given over the years, a few of which are below.

Quality over quantity 

You do not have to accept every invitation that comes your way. It is better to attend fewer events full of energy and enthusiasm than to say yes to everything only to later regret it. Declining someone’s invitation can also create an opportunity to arrange something with them at a later date.

Find out who is attending

This is not always possible, but I have found it useful to consider the guest list in advance so that I can then keep an eye out for those who I wish to catch up with or introduce myself to. This means that I attend with a sense of purpose, knowing what I would like to get out of an event.

Have fun 

Love it or loathe it, networking is an integral part of our professional lives. Keep an eye out for events that you will most enjoy and make an effort to attend those; even better, if there is something that you have a particular interest in then organise something around that yourself. London is filled with venues, activities and sights to base your event around and this creates excellent opportunities for networking.

Do you have any particular dos or don’ts to add?