The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is today revealing the names of those who have applied to own the new domain name extensions (that could soon see the likes of .com and .org being replaced with .anything.) and what they have applied to own.

The impact of this development extends far beyond the large companies which have participated in the registration process. ICANN has placed the onus upon businesses to check the list of applications to ensure that their rights, such as trademarks, will not be infringed as ICANN will not notify them of a potentially infringing application. Many businesses are likely to anticipate an element of protection in the system that is simply not there and need to be alerted to what they must do to protect their brand identity.

For further information, please contact Christopher Williams, solicitor - senior associate, or Guy Wilmot, partner.

The wider impact of the new domain names - June 2012.pdf