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James McCallum, partner in the charity and social business team will be speaking at this MBL seminar.

Charities deliver a wide range of social services, provide housing and other accommodation, manage educational institutions, run parks and gardens and heritage buildings, own and administer sporting facilities and are very often key players in the regeneration of run-down urban or rural areas. They are significant players in the national economy and are regularly involved in property transactions.

Charitable status brings with it a positive reputation and significant tax benefits. Those privileges are however subject to detailed legal regulation. Inappropriate handling of legal issues by practitioners and a failure to understand the particular financial environment in which charities operate can consequently have significant adverse reputational and financial effects on charitable organisations.

This course will cover:

  • what charities are and how they hold property
  • the relevance of charity governance and trust law
  • the common law duties of charity trustees
  • the particular statutory rules relating to disposals by regulated charities
  • guidance on the tax reliefs benefiting charities and how to avoid losing those reliefs
  • common title issues relevant to charities and ways of resolving them
  • particular issues arising from the operation and funding of charities
  • the relevance of legal issues to the conveyancing process
  • the current Law Commission review and likely changes in the law


  • Thursday 5 May 2016 - London
  • Thursday 9 June 2016 - Birmingham

All of these events will start at 9:30 and end at 17:15


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  • season ticket: £240
  • standard: £480

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