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Employment status has been at the forefront of recent news with concerns about the legal challenges of the 'gig economy'. What do you really need to know to avoid tax and legal pitfalls?

This half-day workshop will be led by Jane Klauber and Carla Whalen, employment solicitors in the charity and social business team, and Helen Elliott of Sayer Vincent accountants.

They will look at practical case studies and cover the following:

  • identifying employment status correctly and ensuring contracts reflect that status
  • the legal tests of employment status versus self-employed
  • contracting with companies - IR 35 changes
  • workers versus employees
  • part-time and fixed contracts
  • zero hours contracts
  • volunteers and interns
  • drafting points for consultancy agreements, casual contracts and volunteer agreements
  • avoiding tax risk


Thursday 19 October 2017


09:30 - arrival

10:00 - workshop

12:30 - ends