Builders pay through developer contributions (section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy [CIL]) for the roads, schools, GP surgeries and parkland needed to help areas to cope with new residents.

But Malthouse said these measures are "confusing and unnecessarily over-complicated". The new rules mean that communities would know exactly how much developers are paying for infrastructure in their area, he explained. 

Alex Ground appears in The Planner saying "The proposed changes require new reporting procedures, but councils are given the ability to recover those costs and they should help local communities see the benefits that new development can bring - therefore making them less opposed to new development in principle with objections focused just on specific identified harm." 

Developer contributions to be made simpler, says Malthouse is available to read on The Planner website via subscription.

Alex is a partner in our real estate team. She advises on all aspects of planning, highways and compulsory purchase including planning applications, appeals, negotiating s106 agreements, challenges and enforcement.