To readers of EHN, the sentencing guidelines that are currently in force for environmental and health and safety breaches are clear. What has been less clear to date is whether the Sentencing Council has achieved the desired effect from those guidelines and if so, do we need similar guidelines for other types of breaches?

Recent analysis seems to show that the environmental sentencing guidelines had the anticipated effect of imposing significantly larger penalties and fines for serious corporate offenders and marginally larger penalties for individual defendants.

Kizzy Augustin appears in EHN magazine to discuss whether existing environmental and health and safety guidelines can effectively translate to other safety breaches. 

Kizzy is a partner in the fraud and criminal litigation team, specialising in health and safety. Kizzy is a solicitor advocate with Higher Rights of Audience. She appears regularly as an advocate in court proceedings, employment tribunals (for appealing Improvement and Prohibition notices) and Coroners' inquests.