Fears over Brexit and a Jeremy Corbyn government have led more that 6,000 of Britain's wealthiest people to leave the country. 

Rebecca Fisher, partner in the private client team, suggested that the government could offer incentives to wealthy Britons to remain in the event of a no-deal Brexit. 

She said: "Looking ahead, many non-doms will be actively considering their positions and will likely be facing a choice between either UK-domiciled or seeking to move their affairs to another jurisdiction.

With the government gearing up to manage the fall out of Brexit – deal or no deal – it will be interesting to see whether there is a move to arrest the non-dom slide and do more to encourage international wealth to invest and spend in the UK."

Fears of a Prime Minister Corbyn drive away richest is available to read on The Times website via subscription. 

Rebecca is a partner in the private client group advising families and individuals on all aspects of private client law including willsestate planningadministration of estatestrusts and powers of attorney.