Bereaved families are being put at risk of fraud by the new computerised system for probate, lawyers have warned, despite a huge increase in the application fee that the Government says is needed to fund the courts.

This year it became possible to apply online for a grant of probate – the legal permission required when winding up someone's estate. Previously, executors had to swear an oath in court and apply via post to begin the process, but experienced civil servants will now be replaced by machines that scan documents.

Gareth Ledsham appears in The Telegraph discussing this new system and what it will mean for families. 

Probate system at risk of fraud as computers replace humans despite - 'skyrocketing' fees is available to read on The Telegraph website via subscription. 

Gareth is a partner in the trust and estate disputes team. He advises on the resolution of all manner of conflicts that may arise out of trusts or the estate of a deceased person.