Law is the great ethical common denominator. We can disagree with it but we must obey it or take the consequences. It tells us, in a way which matters, what is right and what is wrong. It tells us what is permitted and what is not. It tells us that with compliance comes the freedom to speak or to do as we please. 

Russell-Cooke senior partner John Gould appears in the New Law Journal to weigh up the evidence surrounding legal but anti-social lawyering. He reminds us of the importance of lawyers always having integrity and complying with professional codes. 

Doing what’s right & legal is available here or via subscription on the New Law Journal website. 

John is Senior Partner of Russell-Cooke.

John's area of particular expertise is regulation and public law. He specialises in the analysis and solution of complex regulatory problems, advising regulators, government departments, law enforcement agencies, charities and statutory and professional bodies.