Peter Cadman, head of Russell-Cooke's Regulation department, recently sat on the Football Association's independent arbitration panel that heard Leeds United FC's appeal against a 15 point deduction. Peter, a leading lawyer in the regulation field, sat alongside Sir Philp Otton, a former High Court Judge and Peter Leaver QC, to consider the appeal. They found that Leeds United had signed a binding agreement with the Football League to compromise the action limiting any right of appeal to an EGM of all Football League clubs.

The tribunal hearing, which lasted four days, was an important case as arguments were raised of a multi-disciplinary nature. Along with sports regulation there were issues of company law, bankruptcy, tax law and general common law principles of equity and European law.

There were also issues of duress to consider in that one of the main points raised by Leeds United were that they were forced to sign a waiver agreement. They argued that if they did not sign it they would only be readmitted to League 2 rather than League 1. All these points were heard and considered over the four day hearing.

Peter Cadman was featured as Lawyer of the Week in the Law Society's Gazette because of his association with the case.