Russell-Cooke partners Fiona Read, (head of the Putney Family team), and Richard Frimston, (head of Wills, Probate, Tax and Trusts), have recently been published in the practitioner's guide ‘International Aspects of Family Law 2009'. The guide is published by Resolution, previously the Solicitor's Family Law Association.

Fiona has written the chapter on cohabitation, comparing the widely varying legal status afforded to unmarried couples living together in different jurisdictions. Other legal systems can often be at odds with the law applied to cohabitees in England and Wales. Fiona also examines the interaction between domestic law and other jurisdictions.

Richard has contributed the chapters on matrimonial property regimes and foreign real property, examining the contrasts between how property is defined and dealt with under the law of England and Wales, and abroad. These can have profound implications for individuals involved in family law matters, and it is important to consider the effect of different property regimes from the outset if an individual or their partner owns property abroad.

For further information please contact Fiona Read or Richard Frimston