Russell-Cooke partner Richard Frimston's expert evidence has been frequently referred to in the House of Lords' Report on the EU's regulation of succession.

Succession laws in Member States differ greatly, and cross-border variations in legislation make dealing with issues such as who is entitled to what of the deceased's property and how that estate is to be administered very complex.

Lords urge caution to EU legislators on Succession of Estates, the full news items can be read here:

In October 2009 the EU Commission proposed legislation which aims to simplify the law affecting those who die having exercised their right to free movement, either by moving to another Member State to live or by buying property in a Member State other than their own. The law of succession regulates how a person's property is dealt with on their death-including the mechanism for paying taxes and other creditors, establishing who is entitled to inherit the deceased's property and how that property is to be transferred to those entitled to it. Where this involves the law of more than one Member State complications arise which can have a significant impact since the people affected are likely to be emotionally vulnerable because of bereavement.

Full details on The EU's Regulation on Succession (6th Report) can be found at:

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