The Law Commission has today published its consultation paper on the future of pre-nuptial agreements.  The publication of the consultation paper marks the start of a three month consultation period which will run until 11 April 2011, during which time the Law Commission have invited submissions from interested parties on a range of options for reforming the law on pre-nuptial agreements.

Russell-Cooke supports and has been actively involved in the initial consultation process which has lead to the Law Commission consultation paper and in particular James Carroll, a partner in our Bedford Row office, is a member of the Advisory Group who met with the Law Commission to provide details of his experience on advising clients in this area.

For more information about the Law Commission consultation paper and the proposed reform please view our briefing.

More information, including a number of further articles about the current status of pre-nuptial agreements, can be found on our pre-nuptial web page.