A Russell-Cooke client appeared on BBC Newsbeat (7 December 2011), to discuss APIL's (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) campaign to tighten regulations on hairdressers in the UK.

Russell-Cooke acted for twenty three year old Vicki Smith, who needed a skin graft for chemical burns after visiting the hairdresser for highlights. The nurses at the hospital could not believe a salon had inflicted the damage, it was so severe, and she now has a permanent bald patch on her head.

APIL's objective is to stop these injuries occurring by getting regulations tightened on who can practice as a hairdresser. Currently, the industry in the UK is unregulated, which means anyone can acquire a licence to use chemicals in the name of hairdressing. APIL dealt with over 350 cases of hairdressing related injuries between May 2009 and May 2010 alone.

An industry body is already in place, but registration is voluntary and currently, only 10% of hairdressers are signed up. APIL believe that by securing regulations, there will be more vigilance in the industry and potentially less incidents like Vicki's.

A move to tighten the law was raised in the Commons on 30 November but MP's have so far blocked the change.

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