Russell-Cooke family team partner (and joint chair of the Law Society's Family Law Committee) James Carroll, appeared on Channel 4 news yesterday commenting on the Supreme Court decision for cohabiting couple Jones v Kernott. The decision was regarding what should happen in respect of a property owned jointly by an unmarried couple, where only one of them went on to pay the mortgage and the cost of the upkeep on the property for some 14 years after they separated.

The full interview, including an accompanying online 'Q&A' can be viewed by here.

Kate Hamilton, an accredited family law specialist solicitor in cohabitation law, was also interviewed live on BBC Radio 5 live accompanied by Ms. Patricia Jones, the successful party in the Supreme Court's ruling published yesterday. Click here for the full interview.

The Court of Appeal decision was widely regarded as a cautionary tale for those who had purchased a property with a partner or ex-partner about the importance of taking steps to formalise what is to happen to the ownership of that property upon separation, since it was decided that this couple still owned the property in equal shares, despite the long period of separation during which time only one of them was financially contributing to the property.

Many cases have been on hold, awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court and so the judgment is not only of pivotal importance to family lawyers, but also anyone who has purchased a property with a partner or ex-partner, or even a family member, or is about to do so. 

Russell-Cooke have produced some guidance on the various issues that surround cohabiting. Visit our cohabitation and the unmarried family page for more about our services.