Russell-Cooke's 'trainee solicitor programme' continues to recruit and retain young solicitors of the highest calibre. This is in stark contrast to a recent story in 'The Lawyer' which states that law firms are cutting back on trainees despite there still being large numbers of LPC graduates looking for training contracts (The full story is available to read).

In the last two years Russell-Cooke have been delighted to retain as solicitors, thirteen out of the fourteen trainees who qualified from the 'trainee solicitor programme'. They have stayed in a diverse range of areas including; Matrimonial, Clinical Negligence, Litigation, Commercial Property, Corporate, Private Client and Employment.

Not only is the firm able to offer jobs on qualification it also continues to recruit trainee solicitors at the same level. The recent Russell-Cooke trainee recruitment process in August 2011, saw an exceptionally high standard of candidate, which led to the recruitment of seven new trainees for 2013. All candidates to whom we made an offer, accepted that offer.

Jonathan Thornton, the partner responsible for trainee recruitment, commented:

"Russell-Cooke's unique blend of work; range of practice areas and high levels of trainee responsibility and client contact continue to attract highly talented and motivated young solicitors. Our great appeal lies in having so many leaders in their fields; an unparalleled combination of practice areas and hands on training. Graduates apply to us because they want to work here, and accept jobs on qualification because they want to stay. In an age of job insecurity and with so many young LPC graduates unsure of their future, I am delighted that we have been able to retain so many of our qualifying trainees and that our training contracts continue to have such a strong appeal to so many."

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