Gareth Ledsham, Senior Associate in the Trust and Estate Disputes team, is currently attending a four day trial at the High Court. Gareth is acting for the siblings of the late François Devillebichot, who are represented at the trial by Luke Harris of 3 Stone Buildings.

As reported in the Daily Mail, the Claimant, Chloe Brennan, is seeking to have her late father's last will declared invalid. Under the will, Mrs Brennan was left a legacy of £100,000, with the residue passing to the Deceased's siblings. However, the Claimant is alleging that the will is "a forgery" and that her father's siblings, along with two of their cousins, have conspired "to fraudulently propound an invalid will." She further claims that her father's siblings exerted "undue influence" on their brother to make the will. If the will was found not to be valid, Mrs Brennan would inherit the entire estate on intestacy.

Gareth is instructed to defend the claim. It has been put to the Claimant that the Deceased's will was rational on its face and that she has failed to demonstrate that the Deceased did not have the capacity to make the will. Further, it has been submitted that she has provided no evidence that the will had been forged or that there was a conspiracy to commit forgery.

For further details please visit the Daily Mail website here.