The charity and social business team is working in conjunction with Clinks, a charity that supports voluntary organisations that work with offenders and their families, to provide legal support to voluntary sector organisations on the implications of the forthcoming changes to the probation service. Under the Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) programme, the government plans to transform the rehabilitation of offenders by subcontracting probation services to prime contractors, who will in turn subcontract to other organisations including charities and voluntary sector bodies.

Russell-Cooke and Clinks have produced a guide to the legal implications of the Industry Standard Partnering Agreement (ISPA), which is the new standard contract that most organisations will be required to use when subcontracting under the TR programme. The Guide will help voluntary sector organisations get to grips with what they need to consider when taking on this kind of contract and how to deal with contract negotiations.

Download the Guide.

For more information on TR and the ISPA, please contact James Sinclair Taylor.