Matt Bosworth, partner in the regulation team, has been appointed as the independent compliance contact for Lidl UK.

Lidl is a discount food retailer with over 600 stores in and around the UK and Europe. Lidl is one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe.

Compliance is an important element for all organisations to consider. Any attempt or action to violate applicable laws or internal policies is considered a compliance violation, be it committed by third parties or by employees in the performance of their duties. These violations might include corruption, competition and antitrust violation, breaches of data protection regulations or violations of accounting, finance and tax laws.

We are very pleased to undertake such an important role and build our relationship with Lidl UK. Matt Bosworth comments on what the role means for Russell-Cooke, “The compliance and regulatory frameworks that businesses have to operate in today are fast changing and challenging. Lidl UK are a blue chip company that understand the need to promote good governance from within and the regulation team are very pleased to have been picked by Lidl UK as being the service provider for their online compliance reporting systems and whistle-blower policy. The team now has real expertise in dealing with complex compliance and regulatory issues for individuals and business clients alike and this is reflected in the work we are now engaged in.”

Matt is highly experienced in advising individuals and companies on compliance violations. To read more about the work the regulation team do, please visit the regulation service page.