A property litigation team from Russell-Cooke has successfully taken out an injunction prohibiting encampments and trespass on Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath.

Clients Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators discovered a group of trespassers had taken up occupation of part of Wimbledon Common with caravans and other vehicles in September 2018. The same group is known to have caused significant damage to other land nearby.

With assistance from High Court Enforcement Officers at the Burlington Group and barrister Steven Woolf at Hardwicke, senior associate Ed Cracknell obtained an urgent High Court possession order on their behalf, which was enforced the next day.

Following a further application to the High Court to seek an injunction preventing further incursions, an interim injunction order was made in October and was made final on 13 December 2018. The injunction lasts for three years and has been posted at over 60 entrance points around the Common.

Ed Cracknell said: "The Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators were set up in the 19th century charged 'with the duty of keeping the Commons open, unenclosed, unbuilt on and their natural aspect preserved.' There were similar issues with trespassers back then; however there are slightly different remedies available to us these days and we were pleased to have been able to apply these to ensure the eviction of the trespassers about 30 hours after being contacted by our client. The rapid eviction of the group avoided substantial clean-up costs that might otherwise have been incurred."

The same Russell-Cooke team was involved in moving on trespassers from Alexandra Palace in October 2018.