Russell-Cooke has today released its gender pay gap data. The statutory disclosures along with a detailed analysis including the partner pay gap, can be found in our gender pay gap report 2017 pdf. 

According to the statutory reporting requirements, Russell-Cooke’s key pay gap data are as follows:

Hourly pay Bonus pay
  • Mean 13.7%
  • Median 20.0%
  • Mean 29.6%
  • Median 17.5%

The statutory reporting requirements only include employees, not partners. As a firm where 43% of the 61 partners are female and all partners are equity partners, the partner pay gap is also an important indicator of the firm’s progress towards gender equality.

The gender pay gap for partners, based on total profit share was as follows:

  • Mean 15%
  • Median 2%

John Gould, Senior Partner at Russell-Cooke said: "We are by no means complacent but in our firm, as with a number of comparable firms, gender issues (insofar as they arose at all within our culture) were addressed many years ago. It is noteworthy, for example, that half of our elected Board members are women. Why would they not be?

Our main effort now is in relation to social inclusion where, although we have made good progress and are probably more inclusive than many top 100 firms, work remains to be done."