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After making a Will, changes in your life could mean your Will may not properly reflect your wishes. In some cases, it may no longer be valid. That is why we recommend to all our clients that they review their Wills from time to time.

Why should I review my Will?

Any of the following changes in your life could mean your Will needs updating:

  • married, remarried, separated, divorced
  • moved house
  • had children or grandchildren
  • name change
  • someone new in your life
  • death in the family
  • an executor has died or can no longer act
  • a beneficiary has died
  • sold or changed your assets
  • changes to your financial situation

Even if there have been no significant changes in your life, you might want to take advantage of new tax reliefs, which may not have been available when you last made your Will.

For example, the introduction of the residence nil rate band could increase the portion of your estate which you can leave to others tax-free. There are a number of conditions to satisfy if you want to qualify for this tax relief and you would need to make sure that other provisions in your Will do not mean you lose out on this opportunity.

Find out more

To find out more about how you could benefit from updating your Will, please contact your preferred Russell-Cooke contact or if you wish to speak to one of our solicitors in the private client team we will be more than happy to assist.

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