It’s a good idea to review your will every few years (and immediately after a life event such as marriage) to make sure it still says what you want it to say.

Since you wrote your will, what has changed in your life?

  • Married, remarried, separated, widowed, divorced
  • Had children or grandchildren
  • Someone new in your life whom you might want to add to your will
  • Death in the family, or of a beneficiary or executor
  • An executor has become unsuitable to act eg. due to age or ill health or a move abroad
  • Made reference in your will to an asset which you have since sold or has changed in nature
  • Changes to your financial situation
  • You own assets or property in a foreign jurisdiction
  • The value of your assets has increased and you need inheritance tax advice
  • A beneficiary has become disabled or is vulnerable
  • You run your own business                   
  • Considering retirement or recently retired

If you wish at any time to make a new will or revoke or alter an existing will, please contact us so that the necessary legal formalities can be observed as, otherwise, your wishes may not be carried out effectively.

Our experienced team is able to help you with any uncertainty over your current Will or if you have any estate planning or tax queries.

Please contact Suzanne Mynors (Putney) 020 8394 6239, Phillipa Moseley (Putney) 020 8394 6239, Stephanie Rodgers (Kingston) 020 8541 2027 or Chloe Bradshaw (Kingston) 020 8541 2035 for further information.

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