On Sunday 14 March 2010, Nicola O'Connor (solicitor in our Crime team), appeared on BBC1's television programme, 'The Big Question'.  This is the second time that she has been invited to appear on the show as a legal expert.  On this occasion the debate centred around whether defendants in rape cases should be afforded anonymity.  Nicola argues for anonymity for defendants until the point of conviction.

Nicola is often consulted by the BBC following the successful representation of Peter Bacon who was acquitted of rape last year by a jury in just 40 minutes.  She has been an invited guest on a number of radio shows, including Jeremy Vines show on Radio 2.  Nicola argued that even though Peter had been acquitted the case had a profound effect upon his life.  It has been widely publicised that following his acquittal he has changed his name and left the country in order to try to rebuild his life.

On Monday 15 March 2010, Nicola was a guest speaker on the Nicky Campbell's BBC Five Live radio show.  She was asked to comment upon the report published that day by Baroness Stern.  Baroness Stern was calling for more support for victims of rape.

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