Mr G was born on 17th July 1961.

On 8th October 2005 he suffered serious spinal injuries when a friend "in an act of horseplay" jumped on his back.

Legal Case

We established that the friend, Mr B had insurance which could be used to pay compensation for this type of case and Mr G was therefore advised to proceed.

Medical Evidence

Mr G suffered very serious injuries namely loss of use of his right hand, some loss of use in his left hand, spasms, tiredness, bladder problems, sexual dysfunction, right foot drop, restricted mobility and balance problems.

At the time of the injury Mr G was 43 years old and developing an impressive career in audio design and production in tv and films.

Sadly Mr G was unable to get back to work because of his injuries and he was also dependent upon others to provide him daily care and assistance.

The Defence

Initially Mr B's Solicitors argued that the ambulance services should bear some responsibility for Mr G's injuries as they had failed to treat him on the scene.  However, subsequently they admitted that Mr B was at fault and that their insurer client was therefore responsible to pay all of the compensation.

Proceedings were issued at Court because the parties could not agree on the value of the claim.  The case was fixed for trial on 6th July 2009 but on 27th May 2009 a settlement was reached at a "Round Table Meeting".

The Settlement

A figure of £1,800,000.00 was agreed and this can be roughly broken down as follows;

  • Compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity £130,000.00
  • Past Care £ 5,000.00
  • Past Travel £ 3,515.00
  • Past Equipment £ 2,500.00
  • Past Therapy £ 26,435.00
  • Past Additional Clothing £ 2,500.00
  • Past Loss of Earnings £166,875.00
  • Future Loss of Earnings £500,000.00
  • Future Care £500,000.00
  • Future Physiotherapy £ 60,000.00
  • Future Accommodation £ 75,000.00
  • Future Aids and Equipment £ 50,000.00
  • Future Vehicle Costs £ 75,000.00
  • Future Holidays £ 45,000.00
  • Future Assistive Technology £ 14,000.00
  • Future Costs of Fertility Treatment £ 10,000.00
  • Future Costs of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy £ 3,200.00
  • Future Costs of Carers' Equipment £ 10,000.00

Note; The balance of the compensation was made up by interest on past and general damages.

Solicitors Observations

The Solicitor with conduct of this case, Terry Lee had the foresight to enquire from Mr B whether he had any personal insurance to cover this type of claim, if Mr B had not been insured, Mr G would have been advised that there was no point pursuing Mr B as he would not have had the money to pay compensation.

Terry's foresight meant this was a viable claim.

Russell-Cooke acted for Mr G under a no win no fee agreement and they carried the costs of the expenses on the file which allowed Mr G to litigate this case.