Michael is a senior associate in the litigation team.

Michael's main area of practice to date has been related to a wide variety of commercial litigation. The majority of Michael's work involves significant claims in the High Court. More recently, Michael has developed expertise in regulatory and insurance law.

Michael is an experienced litigation solicitor having qualified in 2005, joining Russell-Cooke in in September 2010.

Aggregation claims

Michael successfully acted for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) intervening in the Court of Appeal in a case which is now the leading authority regarding aggregation relating to professional indemnity insurance for solicitors.

The case arose out of 214 underlying claims by investors and beneficiaries of two trusts. The investors claimed against The International Law Partnership (TILP), a firm of solicitors, that the investment structure set up on behalf of TILP’s clients known as the Midas Group, resulted in ineffective security which resulted in losses to the investors. TILP subsequently went into liquidation and had no funds to meet the claims. Their professional indemnity insurers argued that all claims could be aggregated as ‘one claim’ and therefore refused to pay further sums beyond the £3 million limit of indemnity. Visit aggregation of claims against a firm of solicitors.

General commercial litigation 

  • Godiva Mortgages v Travelers Insurance company and others [2011] EWHC 3687 (Comm) involving an application by the Law Society in both its representational capacity and regulatory capacity to intervene into proceedings;
  • Assisting Paolo Sidoli on the case of Slocom Trading Ltd v Tatik, Inc and others [2012] EWHC 3464 (Ch). A large multinational dispute involving parties and witnesses in multiple jurisdictions including the US, Russia and Switzerland. Additionally assisting at various interlocutory stages in the proceedings including a Pre-trial review - [2012] EWHC 264 (Ch); and
  • Acting, with Paolo Sidoli, for Leonard Cheshire Disability, one of the UK's largest voluntary sector providers of services for disabled people. A highly contentious case which was commenced as a £1 million breach of contract claim in the Court of Session in Edinburgh. Michael and Paolo were the key contacts for the Chief Executive, CFO and the Trustees. To assist with jurisdictional and cross-border issues Burness LLP were instructed to assist. The case was widely reported in the Scottish press being the subject of seven articles. 

Administrative / Public law 

In the past year Michael has advised a number of charities in respect of judicial review applications following the cessation of funding by local authorities and/or the termination of projects. Michael also continues to advise the SRA on judicial review applications relating to the operation of the Assigned Risks Pool and other regulatory decisions as and when such applications arise. Articles include recent commentary on judicial review

Particular cases of note include: 

  • assisting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in preparing the UK Government's observations in the matter of Anal Sheikh v the United Kingdom - 51144/07 [2011] ECHR 1018 (14 June 2011) a case relating to a challenge of the intervention powers of the Solicitors Regulation Authority; and
  • acting for a leading social care charity in the judicial review of a local authority's decision to relocate vulnerable adults in social care and to reduce the hours of support available to these people. The position taken resulted in an agreement by the local authority to reconsider its decision and a commitment to work with the client to a mutually satisfactory outcome. 

Regulatory work

Michael has worked for a number of regulators including the Solicitors Regulation Authority (the SRA).  Michael is an established member of the regulatory team at Russell-Cooke, his work includes:


  • Michael is a solicitor advocate with Higher Rights of Audience
  • As an advocate Michael has represented clients at numerous hearings including interim hearings and full trials (including small claims, fast track and multi-track)

Mediation / ADR

  • Michael has extensive experience of mediation including concluding numerous high value mediations and advising and guiding clients as to the tactics and merits of settlement. Michael has also successfully acted for clients on a number of matters involving multi-party and string arbitrations under a variety of different rules
  • Micheal has also acted as an assistant mediator in a dispute involving three parties and the return of high value loans made without documentation. This involved liaising with the parties and guiding the parties towards agreement in relation to the amount of money loaned to one of the parties. 
  • Read law at Leicester University with a First Class Honours degree
  • Legal studies, Nottingham Law School

Michael is a contributor to The Law of Legal Services by John Gould, Jordans Publishing

  • The Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
  • The London Solicitors Litigation Association
  • The Law Society Advocacy Section
  • The Solicitors' Association for Higher Court Advocates