Russell-Cooke has been the leading solicitors' firm serving clients in Putney, Richmond, Wandsworth, Clapham and the surrounding areas since the 1880s. In more recent times it has grown to become a firm of London wide significance. The availability of such a large, well resourced firm in the local area is sometimes not readily appreciated by individuals, businesses and organisations based in South West London, who may simply associate the firm with the attractive former bank building which the firm has occupied since 1906. In fact nearly all of the firm's Putney based lawyers work in much larger and more modern office accommodation nearby.

Putney or central London?

Russell-Cooke's Putney location brings many advantages including a lower cost base than Central London and a very pleasant working environment for staff, many of whom live within easy reach of Putney. The firm's central London office in Bedford Row in the heart of legal London provides an important facility for meetings and hearings in the higher courts where a case requires it.

Our highly regarded solicitors and lawyers are specialists in these areas of law:

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The Putney community

As well as physically being at the centre of Putney, the firm is fully involved in Putney's community life and is one of its largest employers. Russell-Cooke has supported numerous charities, organisations and projects in Putney including the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Putney Arts Theatre, The Putney Society and local schools. The firm is also represented on the Positively Putney BID Board and is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce.

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Office address: 2 Putney Hill, London, SW15 6AB