The family courts are able to make an injunction known as a non-molestation order is used to protect you and/or your children from harassment, intimidation and the use or threat of violent behaviour.

The order can include provisions such as the following:

  • forbidding another person from using or threatening violence against you or instructing any other person to do so
  • forbidding another person from going within a certain distance of your home or workplace
  • forbidding another person from communicating with or attempting to communicate with you by any means whether directly or indirectly

A breach of a non-molestation order is a criminal offence and carries an automatic power of arrest.

Sometimes it is appropriate to explore options outside of the injunctions set out above, such as obtaining ‘undertakings’ which are binding promises to the court. We can discuss this with you once we have more information about your particular circumstances.

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