The UK is an established international centre and our clients reflect this.  We advise a wide range of businesses, individuals and charities on their cross-border matters.  We help clients from abroad who are looking to invest in or move to the UK, clients who already have established connections between the UK and overseas, and clients who are making their first connection overseas.  

Our international lawyers work together to provide the correct advice.  The depth and breadth of our expertise means we can tackle complex international cases that are beyond the scope of many other firms of lawyers - larger and multinational firms cannot match our expertise on personal matters, whilst many other private client firms cannot equal our experience in commercial and professional issues. A significant proportion of our work comes from referrals from other advisers or professional firms across the world.

Many of our specialist teams are rated as leaders in their fields, and regularly attract work from across the EU and internationally. We are sometimes called "the lawyers' lawyers" because of the number of lawyers who choose to consult us on their personal legal affairs.

We are the sole English law firm to be awarded membership to the LEGUS international network of law firms. LEGUS is an exclusive network of more than 80 law firms across the world which enables us to provide a truly client-centric service in almost any jurisdiction.

We offer high-quality specialist advice on many cross-border areas, including on investment coming in to the UK, whether for property purchases or business acquisition, mergers, company migration, tax advice, immigration, estate planning and succession, family and matrimonial, intellectual property, commercial contracts and international infringement of rights of various kinds. We are particularly known for our expertise in cross-border matters between French speaking countries, France and the United Kingdom.

We have four French lawyers and two French legal assistants in London who advise on many aspects of personal and tax law for clients and lawyers who need help understanding the interaction of British and French laws and tax.

Find out more about our French law services.

International and cross-border legal matters can sometimes be complex and you may not be sure who to contact initially. The first lawyer you speak to will be happy to direct you. We may not always be able to speak your native language, but we will understand your problem. If you do not find what you are looking for on our pages, please contact us.