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Legal advice on party wall disputes

Party wall disputes

Party wall disputes are becoming ever more common.

With land and property values rising at an ever increasing rate, many home owners and property investors are choosing to undertake significant work to maximise the size of their property and their investment. In doing so, neighbourly disputes often arise, frequently in relation to work within the scope of the Party Wall Act.

What does the Party Wall Act cover?

The Act covers:

  • building on or at the boundary of two properties
  • work to an existing party wall or party structure
  • excavation near to and below the foundation level of neighbouring buildings

When will you need professional help?

You might need professional help if:

  • there is a disagreement about work proposed
  • work is threatened or started without the Party Wall Act being complied with when it should be
  • work or other things to be done under an 'award' under the Act has not been done, or has not been done properly
  • there is concern about an 'award' and appeal might be necessary (NB. there is a strict and limited time limit for appeals)

Why instruct Russell-Cooke?

As one of a limited number of firms that specialise in party wall issues, our specialist property lawyers are regularly instructed by property owners undertaking work, or owners of neighbouring land affected by it, to advise on the legal issues that often arise.

We have particular expertise in the Party Wall Act, in relation to boundaries, property rights and interests relevant to disputes between neighbouring owners, including rights of way or light and restrictive covenants controlling development.

We have strong working relationships with other leading property professionals who are highly experienced in these cases.

Frequently we are instructed when a project is being proposed, implemented or opposed. This often means our transactional, planning and disputes specialists working together to protect the clients’ interests. We also advise on professional negligence and construction disputes.

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