What other options are available?

Each case is different and our experienced solicitors will explore with you at the outset how best to address your issue. Not all cases proceed to court or require a form of alternative dispute resolution.

It might be appropriate to appoint a solicitor to liaise with your partner or their legal adviser to try to resolve the issue. Your solicitor will be flexible in their approach and negotiations may take place in writing, telephone or by way of a round table meeting which you and your partner both attend, together with your solicitors. Alternatively, it may be possible to resolve matters directly with your partner, once you have taken legal advice and understand how a court would be likely to approach the issue in dispute.

What are the benefits?

Depending on your circumstances, we can tailor a flexible means of resolving disputes in relation to children, financial matters and property arising from a family relationship.

This can be aimed at accommodating the issues in dispute, the nature of your relationship, your objectives, and the budget which you have available.

In the right circumstances, a more flexible approach to resolving your dispute may be quicker, cheaper and less formal than court proceedings.

What is right for me?

Negotiating your own agreement can be an effective way of reaching a settlement but sometimes it is a complex process and you may need some help from a solicitor

If you cannot reach an agreement directly with your partner, a solicitor can negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Many cases reach a satisfactory conclusion in this way without going to court. Many people choose this approach because they want to be supported throughout the negotiation process.

How can we help?

Our specialist family team are happy to discuss which options are appropriate in your case.

If you would like to speak with a member of the team you can contact our family law solicitors; Holborn office 020 3826 7526; Kingston office 020 3826 7527 or Putney office 020 3826 7520 or complete our enquiry form.