Sabinah is a paralegal in the forensic investigation and intervention department.

She has experience with a range of UK immigration matters as it relates to individuals, ranging from British citizenship, to indefinite leave to remain to extension of further leave to remain in the UK.

She also has business immigration related experience relating to Tier 2 of the points-based sponsorship system.

Sabinah qualified as an Attorney at Law in Mauritius in 2003. She works and acts on behalf of, and under the supervision of, solicitors in our immigration team who are qualified as solicitors in England and Wales.

At present, Sabinah spends one-hundred per cent of her time, advising clients, advising on immigration related matters.

Sabinah typically deals with immigration matters for individual clients.

She advises on immigration matters that are extremely complex (such as no time limit and biometric applications where consideration of numerous supporting documents, covering periods of time, is required), to moderately complex (such as permanent residence applications by individuals qualified in different categories, including complex matters where there have been gaps in residency), to relatively non-complex immigration matters (such as a straightforward application by a child for registration as a British citizen.

She has experience of advising on and assisting with (acting on behalf of, and under the supervision of, solicitors in our immigration team) the following types of immigration matters as referred to below:

  • british citizenship. For example, Sabinah has advised on the acquisition of British citizenship by EEA nationals who have been living in the UK lawfully, on automatic acquisition of British citizenship for children, on the procedure to be followed to obtain a British passport following confirmation of British nationality status and on confirmation of British nationality status. She has also assisted in an application for naturalisation as a British citizen by a citizen of Ireland
  • applications on behalf of EEA nationals and their family members. For example, Sabinah has advised on matters relating to applications for permanent residence by individual EEA nationals as well as an application for a family, including parents and dependents. She has also advised on applications for a registration certificate, including for EEA national children, and also a residence card
  • indefinite leave to remain/settlement. She has assisted with indefinite leave to remain related matters based on different routes.
  • other applications under the Immigration Rules:
    • spouse and unmarried partner applications. She has assisted in preparing and submitting entry clearance applications related to spouse and unmarried partners of settled persons and British citizens and an application for further leave to remain in the UK (extension of spousal visa)
    • visit visas. For example, Sabinah has assisted in making visitor visa applications for non-EU nationals to visit family and friends in the UK
    • applying on the basis of long residence. For example, Sabinah has assisted with the preparation of an application based on long residency
    • she has made a successful entry clearance application relating to right of access to a British child. She has also made an application for indefinite leave to remain in the UK on the basis of this category
    • she has also assisted with an application to join children in the UK following a court hearing giving custody of children to the other parent and assisted with subsequent indefinite leave to remain applications
    • she has advised individuals in applying for further leave to remain in the UK on the basis of different visa categories and switching into another category of visa, for instance switching from the student or Tier 5 youth mobility visa categories to a spouse related visa category
    • she also has experience of advising on a domestic worker visa application and on an enhanced standard visitor visa to care for a British citizen in the UK

Sabinah typically, most recently and currently, deals with indefinite leave to remain applications and partner related matters, British citizenship, EEA family permit and permanent residence applications and applications for further leave to remain on family-based visas.

Sabinah holds a Master's Degree in private law from the University of Lille, France. Further to her studies she was sworn in as Attorney At Law in the Supreme Court of Mauritius. She later graduated from Middlesex University.

Before joining Russell-Cooke in March 2017, amongst other roles, Sabinah worked as a senior legal officer in a bank in Mauritius.

  • Mauritian qualified Attorney at Law
  • Member of The Mauritius Law Society
  • Member of The Immigration Law Practitioners' Association