We advise landlords, landowners and property owners on leases and agreements relating to mobile phone masts and other types of telecommunications equipment situated on their land.

Contracts and leases can be complex. We can provide clear and practical legal advice by interpreting the Electronic Communications Code which governs telecoms operators.

Our telecoms specialists understand the telecoms industry and have a wealth of experience dealing with and resolving disputes against major mobile phone companies as well as acting for significant national property developers. We represent property investors and developers, landed estates, farm owners, charities, retail businesses and individuals – any landowner with a mobile phone mast on their land.

We can help with:

  • drafting and negotiating telecoms leases, agreements and wayleaves
  • advising about and interpreting provisions within existing agreements and the applicable legislation
  • resisting attempts by operators to compel landowners to grant telecoms agreements
  • lease renewals
  • acting in court and tribunal applications and appeals
  • advising in relation to the removal of telecoms equipment, for example where a development is planned
  • applying for or resisting planning applications

Recent work includes [the removal of the mast from a landmark building on Oxford Street in London] and [the successful removal of a mobile phone mast on the roof of a block of flats that was impeding a £5m development].

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