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Relationship advice processes–how we do it

Introduction and overview

We provide expert relationship advice to help you make informed decisions at every stage.

Whether you are considering separation, trying to navigate the fair division of assets or concerned about how to prioritise the wellbeing of your children, we help you reach the best outcome.

One of the most important factors for anyone choosing their legal adviser is the support they will receive. This is crucial to making an agreement that achieves the right outcome for you, your partner and any children who are involved. Our family lawyers will collaborate with you throughout the process.

How our family and children solicitors can help you

Relationship advice—tailoring the process for the best support and guidance

A possible approach: sitting around a table with or without third parties

The first question is whether you feel you can sit around a table with your partner to discuss your future. If you do, then you might do this on your own and just need minimal support from us in the background. Alternatively, you may feel that meeting with a mediator to exchange all relevant information, discuss options and consider various outcomes is a sensible approach. We can advise you during this process. We also have a number of lawyers that are trained mediators. If more formal assistance is required to reach solutions, then we can support you in a face to face meeting, a number of our experts are trained collaboratively or can offer a One Lawyer Model for you and your partner.

Another approach: Constructive resolution

Couples sometimes need more help to discuss a settlement or agreement, especially if matters are complex or emotionally charged, even if they remain eager to resolve matters outside of court. An independent expert (often a part-time judge or experienced arbitrator or barrister) can be appointed to review a case and provide an indication of what the outcome might be if the matter did proceed to a court hearing. If you do not feel able to discuss matters directly with a former partner, then it may be important to you to be able to negotiate safely, discreetly and privately, supported by a solicitor. Early neutral evaluation, private financial dispute resolution hearings, voluntary negotiations between solicitors and round table meetings are all options to consider and we can advise you depending on what is right for you and your family.

Finally: Contentious adjudication

If it is clear that resolution cannot be reached outside of court then we will advise on next steps. Even if it was not the preferred scenario, the court process does ensure that any dispute is resolved within a defined timetable and at the conclusion of the proceedings, you are guaranteed a binding decision. This could be done privately through arbitration or through the court system by issuing court proceedings. We are adept at running timely, proactive and tactical court or arbitrated proceedings.

Why choose Russell-Cooke for relationship advice?

About our family law team

We will discuss and guide you through all of the options open to you. We will explain how they are designed to meet your individual needs and advise when it might be helpful to involve other professionals. Our team of highly experienced solicitors will help you navigate financial settlements, children arrangements, and property disputes. Our family solicitors have extensive training in various alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, collaboration, and arbitration. They also spend time in court and can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each process with you. 

Choosing the best process is key to achieving a favourable settlement that suits your needs. Let us help you find the right path.

Our comprehensive experience means we can support you beyond family matters, whether you need help with tax, trusts, international and business law, family offices or philanthropy our team can provide expert advice.

We work with a wide range of people including professionals, high net worth individuals, international clients and even other lawyers seeking support on a family matter. They turn to Russell-Cooke because meeting family needs is what we do best.

Testimonials and legal directory quotes

Here are some comments made about us.

“Strong team which covers all aspects of family law. Good mix of seniority offering a choice to the client but with reassurance that they work as a team.”
Legal 500 (2024)
It's a very well-established, well-run and highly respected firm. They have really superb practitioners that are solutions-focused and litigate when they need to litigate.
Chambers UK (2024)
Complexity and client care are Russell-Cooke's forte. They are able to explain the most complicated of legal concepts to clients and they feel in safe hands.
Chambers UK (2024)

Charging information

We are clear and upfront about legal costs from the start and know how important this is to clients.

Our charges are based on hourly rates depending on the experience of the person or people working on your case. Our hourly rates are competitive and offer value for money.

We will always provide you with an estimate of your likely legal costs at the start and will keep you fully updated regularly if this changes due to your requirements or if the circumstances of the work change.

Get in touch

If you would like to speak with a member of the team you can contact our family and children solicitors by email, by telephone on +44 (0)20 3826 7520 or complete our enquiry form.

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