It has been reported in the news that police in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have recently targeted mobile telephone use behind the wheel.  68 court summonses were issued and 100’s of verbal warnings were given in November alone.

Those caught texting or using their mobile telephone in any way whilst driving can expect a fine of up to £1,000 and three penalty points on their licence if they are summoned to attend court. Last year the Department of Transport announced plans for those caught using hand held mobile phones to face tougher penalties. They announced that they expected changes to take place in the first half of 2017 which would include drivers getting six penalty points on their licence and facing larger fines. 

Drivers should also be aware that being prosecuted for using a hand held mobile telephone device can have a significant effect on insurance premiums and indeed there are some insurers who are reluctant to insure drivers with convictions of this type at all.

We provide advice and representation on all types of motoring offences. We are flexible in the service we provide; for example we can give you advice before a court appearance, represent you in court on a fixed-fee basis, or take formal instructions for handling the whole case.

Being able to drive is often vital for work, and most of us need a driving licence to carry on with our everyday lives. If you are charged with a road traffic offence, it is important to get expert advice from a solicitor with experience in the field.

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