Experienced speakers share with you their expert knowledge of cross-border estate planning between Italy, England & Wales, Switzerland and Monaco.

Event Focus

Cross-border estate planning or administration can often be complicated and, on occasions, highly stressful. The estate assets can be spread across the world and be held directly, in trusts or in companies. The beneficiaries can similarly be in diverse countries. All aspects are relevant for the proper analysis of the complete succession and tax position.

Why attend?

Come and learn from the experts through presentation and case-study exploration, with an opportunity for questions. The speakers will address:

  • whether it is necessary to have a will for the jurisdiction in question
  • who will inherit the assets held in that jurisdiction
  • whether there will be inheritance tax to pay in the country of death
  • who can administer an estate from said jurisdiction
  • whether you need a local lawyer
  • what the steps are in administering an estate from the jurisdiction in question
  • how long probate or the equivalent will take


Thursday 28 February 2019

12:45 - 15:30