Question: "I own a terraced house with a 995-year lease and pay annual ground rent of £350, which doubles every 20 years. The lease excludes the loft area on the roof. I wish to buy the freehold.

My solicitor served a section 5 notice under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967, but the freeholder ignored it, so the solicitor has applied to a first-tier tribunal for an order to set a price for the freehold and for it to be transferred to me. Do I have the right to buy the freehold? And, as the freeholder did not respond, should he share legal costs?"

Alan Edwards appears in The Sunday Times, Home Experts section answering the 'Problem of the Week'. 

Alan is a partner in the conveyancing team. He has extensive experience in many areas of property law particularly; collective enfranchisement and lease extensions and landlord and tenant disputes. 

Can I buy my home's freehold if I don't own the loft.pdf