The "gold digger" who marries for money in the hope of grabbing a fortune after a brief marriage has been the staple of court room dramas and many a film, book and TV show. In the English and Welsh courts, the situation is changing alongside efforts to give pre-nuptial agreements more standing in law, although the position is not yet fully established. 

Gareth Ledsham appears in Wealth Briefing discussing the increase in disputes over wills. He explains "there are a number of reasons for this: an ageing population and an attendant increase in diagnoses of dementia; people having increased wealth over which to argue; and the greater incidence for second (or sometimes third or fourth) marriages and families, are all contributors."

Keeping Gold Diggers from a family's wealth is available to read on the Wealth Briefing website via subscription. 

Gareth is a partner in the trust and estate disputes team. He advises on the resolution of all manner of conflicts that may arise out of trusts or the estate of a deceased person.