Tim Berners-Lee who invented the worldwide web almost 30 years ago could scarcely have predicted where it would lead. The internet has fuelled an explosion of fake news, political propaganda and provided a platform for illegal and unsavoury activities.

Social media in particular, has given everyone with internet access the opportunity to air and share their views, however ignorant, ill-informed or defamatory.

Matt Bosworth appears in The Times The Brief saying that social media has amplified prejudicial opinions. 

Policing the digital Wild West is available to read on The Times The Brief website via subscription. 

Matt is a partner and is head of the regulation and sports law team. He specialises in professional disciplinary matters, financial regulatory matters and the protection of intellectual property rights and copyright in both civil and criminal matters. Matt advises people and organisations on sports law, including individual, professional and amateur sportsmen and women as to regulatory and disciplinary issues.