In this article which was published in Insight, the newsletter of Mary Waring, wealth manager and financial concierge, Camilla Thornton explores the decline of spousal maintenance orders following divorce and the challenges faced by a financially weaker spouse in achieving the financial independence expected of them by the courts.

Spousal maintenance on divorce is on the decline. A dependent ex-spouse is usually expected to take steps to move towards financial independence as soon as possible after divorce; the age of the 'meal ticket for life' has gone; pressure is afoot to try and bring our laws closer aligned to those of our neighbours where there is no maintenance or maintenance for just a few years. Baroness Deech has argued before the House of Lords that spousal maintenance creates a 'victim mentality' which prevents women from being seen as equals.

Camilla is a consultant in the family team. She specialises in advising mid to high-net-worth individuals on their financial settlements following separation and divorce.