Q: We have problems with our neighbours. In the past, one of their children shouted abuse over the fence and threw stones at our house. Now they've installed a trampoline by the garden boundary fence. Their kids' heads keep appearing above the fence, ruining our privacy.

We went round to ask if they could move it. The door was slammed in our face! For the past nine months our patio has not been private. The anti-social child is now able to peer into our garden. Is there anything we can do to limit the intrusion?

A: There is no right to privacy in English law unless your claim is against a public body. In your case the invasion of privacy might amount to a nuisance when taken together with the sustained antisocial behaviour, but where practical measures are available, such as growing a hedge, the court is unlikely to intervene.

Ed Cracknell appears in the Home Help section of The Sunday Times. Ed is a senior associate in the property and housing litigation team, specialising in all aspects of property litigation and property dispute resolution. His areas of expertise include landlord and tenant disputes, business lease renewals, rent and service charge recovery, possession proceedings, and dilapidations claims.