Q: My son and his wife have just moved into a lovely house. But when they eat outside, the next-door neighbour's extractor fan blows straight into their faces. It's loud and the smell is strong. What can they do?

A: What a way to spoil a summer evening. When somebody does something on their property that has an unreasonable impact on another occupier's enjoyment
of their own home, a court might be persuaded to order the wrongdoer to take action to stop the nuisance. But this is expensive and would require evidence, possibly from an expert, to show that the fan is unreasonably noisy and smelly.

Carina Wentzel appears in The Sunday Times Home Experts answering a question about rights when it comes to your neighbours. 

Carina is an associate solicitor in the real estate team. Carina advises on all aspects of planning law, acting for a range of clients including utility companies, private developers, institutional investors, retailers and student accommodation providers.

The Sunday Times Home Experts 7 July 2019