Q: We live on a house perched on a hill. About 500 meters away, and slightly below us, a builder is constructing two houses. Solar panels have been installed. On sunny days we have roughly half an hour a day (from about 1.30pm), when there is a building glare from the panels, as they reflect the sunlight. This makes it impossible to enjoy sitting either in our lounge or out on the decking. 

The builder says the panels are coated so as to not cause a glare hazard, but it clearly doesn't work. What can we do? 

A: When another landowner does something on their land that interferes with your enjoyment of your land to an unreasonable degree, a court could grant you a remedy. This could be damages or an injunction requiring the nuisance to be abated.

Ed Cracknell appears in The Sunday Times Home Experts section answering a question about what to do when a neighbour's property is affecting yours.

Ed is a senior associate in the property and housing litigation team. He specialises in all aspects of property litigation and property dispute resolution. His areas of expertise include landlord and tenant disputes, business lease renewals, rent and service charge recovery, possession proceedings, and dilapidations claims.

The Sunday Times Home Experts 18 August 2019