Partner Shabnam Ali-Khan featured in the latest edition of The Lawyer's Law Against Loneliness blog, which aims to bring positive news to the law community.

Richard Simmons, features editor at The Lawyer, said: "In these days of social isolation it can be tough not seeing your friends and colleagues, especially if you are at home alone. But the great thing about the legal profession is that it has an incredibly strong sense of community. To this end, every afternoon at 3pm The Lawyer will be sharing content from lawyers working from home. We hope it will become a regular moment where you can take five minutes out of your day, look up from your isolation inspiration station, have your spirits lifted, and remember that we are all out there with you."

Shabnam moonlights as the firm’s yoga instructor; meanwhile, with a group called the Exiles she practises Fiore, an Italian Martial Art using sword, daggers and unarmed techniques. During lockdown she has been combining the two into swoga.

"This is a bit of freestyle. Just having a play around. I am moving from posta to posta (sword-fighting stances), incorporating dancer pose and a warrior two variation with reverse warrior and a side angle bend (yoga poses). The real challenge is trying to keep control of the sword!", explains Shabnam.

The Law Against Loneliness blog is published every week day at 3pm on The Lawyer website. It features regular columns such as Dog of the Day, Video of the Day and The Lawyer Listens. 

Shabnam is a partner in the enfranchisement team. She specialises in lease extension and enfranchisement matters, primarily under the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993. Her work involves advising residents' freehold and management companies on various matters including block management, service charges and consultation requirements and rights for major works. Shabnam is able to advise on an array of issues surrounding acquisition.