Russell-Cooke's Lee Ranford and Elliot Elsey have recently been involved in a widely publicised case in which their clients, residents at Albert Court, South Kensington, adjacent to the Royal Albert Hall, have been successful in blocking boxing and wrestling being held at the Royal Albert Hall. 

The case involved a challenge by the Residents at Albert Court against a decision by Westminster City Council, acting as Licensing Authority, to vary the Royal Albert Hall's licence to extend that to Boxing and Wrestling and to also extend opening hours.  Westminster City Council failed to notify the Albert Court Residents of these proposed changes, although it sent notification of those proposed changes to other Residents who were further away from the Royal Albert Hall.  The High Court found that the City Council had allowed its computer programme to dictate the notification process and that this had produced a bizarre outcome, which was so bad as to be irrational and unlawful.

This decision is an important one in confirming the legitimate expectations of those living in the vicinity of premises that are subject to an application for a new or varied licence, so that those persons can expect notification of and to be able to respond to such an Application. Read more about the case.