Russell-Cooke's Guy Wilmot and Jonathan Thornton have recently advised the leading industrial designer Kenneth Grange in relation to the intellectual property in his iconic Anglepoise lamp design.

The lamp is produced by Anglepoise Ltd. Kenneth is the design director for Anglepoise and was recently described in the Evening Standard as "one of Britain's unsung heroes: a man who has improved the quality of our daily life and become a part of our social history". As well as the Anglepoise lamp his designs include the Kodak instamatic camera, the original parking meter, the Kenwood Chef and the InterCity 125 nosecone.

If you would like to see more of Kenneth's designs, he has an exhibition at the Design Museum at Shad Thames, London on 20th July and running to 31st October 2011.

To read more about Kenneth Grange and his designs, view an article in the Guardian online.

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